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Thursday, 27 September 2012

PNB clerk interview Questions 2012 | Punjab National Bank Questions/Answers

Average time of the interview is about 15mins. 

They generally ask the following questions:-

  1. Why you have done BTech?(or BSc etc)
  2. Which was your brach?
  3. Why you choose to opt banking as a career?
  4. What do you think who are better Private bank or Public bank?
  5. What is the procedure to transfer money from one bank from other?
  6. What is the Full form of ATM?
  7. Why only PNB not any other bank like SBI?
  8. Do you have PNB account?
  9. Please tell me about world bank?
  10. What are advantages of Credit card/Debit card?
  11. What are disadvantage of Credit Card?
  12. Have you given any other bank exam?
  13. Which bank will you opt if also get selected in SBI?
  14. What is your family background?
  15. What are your hobbies?
  16. Do you like reading novels and which one?
  17. Please tell the affect of FDI on Indian Economy?
  18. Tell me Five recent Banking News?
  19. Do you think computers in baking sector has reduced the Job oppurtunities?

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