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Friday, 28 September 2012

Political System is responsible for our Backwardness | GD topic 2012 | Group dicussion topic


I think Political System is responible for our backwardness.
Now a days each ruling party is tryin to make records of corruptions.
Today most of our leaders are involved in the scams.
Ranging from the 2G scam to Coal Scam they has looted Millions of Rupees from the amount which could be spent on the upliftment of our society.
Our political System is such that who ever comes in rule gets deeply involved in the corruption.
The common is giving tax thinking that this will help on improving the infrastructure of the country and leads upliftment of the country.But this money only satisfies the greed of our corrupted leader.
Our political system is responsible for our backwardness as the success of candidates in the election only depends on the money he spend in election.Only corrupted leaders have huge black money which they spends in the election and even they buy the votes of people.

SO we want to remove the economical backwardness from the country then we should choose our leaders carefully and should insure we should ourself not involved in any act of the corruption.
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